It all started when...

Casey was originally forced to practice hot yoga due to her unbridled teenage rebellion.  At first, she hated it!  However she eventually came to love it as it helped her match strength with flexibility as a dancer at the North East School of the Arts High School in San Antonio, Texas. 

Casey was later diagnosed with clinical depression and bulimia after dropping out of college at The University of Texas at Austin.  With the help of friends, family, and a committed daily yoga practice she was able to quit her medication and begin the process of healing.

After practicing nearly everyday for a year, Casey attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2008 and was closely mentored by Lisa Ingle for about two and a half years.  

Over the next three years Casey finished her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology at U.T. Austin, taught yoga at Pure Yoga Austin and Black Swan Yoga, and received two teaching certificates from Dharma Yoga Austin.  Upon the completion of her degree she decided to move to Santiago, Chile to fulfill a lifelong dream of living in a foreign country and learning another language.  Living in Chile for over a year gave her even more of a desire to travel, teach, and share her experience of healing and hope to those struggling with mental illness. 

In Spring of 2016 Casey decided to return to the states to accept a job as a Flight Attendant for a major American airline.  She is currently based in Newark and teaches yoga publicly and privately in the NYC/New Jersey area.