Sydney and I enjoying the sun in Austin, Texas. Photo Credit:  Carly Shankman

Sydney and I enjoying the sun in Austin, Texas. Photo Credit: Carly Shankman

I was on the verge of having a panic attack weeks before my first trip flying solo with Sydney to Texas. I would envision myself walking through the airport alone, carrying Sydney, carrying all of our shit (diaper bag, water, snacks, two carry-ons, breast pump, breast milk, stroller, carrier…) and just that thought put me on the verge of tears.

My fear of this trip was somewhat ironic because I’ve been a flight attendant for three years. However if you’ve traveled with kids, you know it’s different. Very different.

Turns out my first flight wasn’t too bad! My friend Carly flew with her babe by herself from Montana to Texas (with a connection!) and she said it was pretty easy so I had some confidence. I’ve also heard from several moms that the newborn age is MUCH easier to travel with than say, the terrible twos.

The only problem we encountered on the first flight was exploding poop all the way up to the neck (how?!). Luckily I found humor in this and was able to finish changing her, clean up, and get out of the airplane bathroom relatively quickly before catching something wicked.

After several minutes of talking to the flight attendants and having them ooo and ahhhh all over Sydney, I realized she had poop all over her ear. Great.

Poopy ear was nothing compared to the classic blow out on the flight home that taught me to not only bring a change of clothes for Sydney, but also for myself. :-)

Besides these two blow outs we did pretty good. What saved us was that we only had two carry on bags (one of which was my diaper/breast pump bag), my Solly Baby Wrap (shown above) I wore Sydney in to give my arms a break on the flight, and as I always recommend for every flight, snacks, and a refillable water bottle!