Sydney Moon with Jo in her home garden in Antigua, Guatemala.

Sydney Moon with Jo in her home garden in Antigua, Guatemala.

Sydney Moon and I just got back from Antigua, Guatemala visiting our friend Jo Eguiguren! It was an incredible adventure to say the least and I am so grateful we had the opportunity to travel. Jo has been a dear friend of mine for almost 11 years. She teaches yoga (we met in Bikram yoga teacher training), practices flower essence, reads tarot, is an amazing chef, hosts plant medicine ceremonies, and I’m sure I’m forgetting other talents! She always teaches me something new and this trip was no exception. She taught me about the healing and centering power of rapé and sananga which are ancient indigenous plant medicines.



Most of our trip was spend relaxing at Jo’s house, but one day we had lunch at a local farm. Caoba Farms is known for it’s fresh produce, vegan food, handmade chocolates and local beer. The chocolate from Juna JPU was especially divine with its hint of cinnamon and mayan spice.

Salad from  Coaba Farms

Salad from Coaba Farms

On our last night in Antigua, Jo demonstrated her Ayurvedic culinary skills at a pop up dinner at Hotel Santuario. Not only was it the full moon AND Friday the 13th, but it was the first night the hotel had opened its doors to the public. Jo was only planning for a dinner of 20 people but it ended up being closer to 40. Without missing a beat Jo adapted the menu to fit the larger crowd. It was an auspicious night foretelling of magical things to come! The Hotel was absolutely gorgeous and the company was incredible. I look forward to possibly hosting a retreat there one day!

Handmade Paneer with milk from a local farm!

Handmade Paneer with milk from a local farm!

I have to talk about our bus ride back to The Guatemala City Airport (Antigua is about an hour to an hour and a half away) as it was absolutely fabulous! A new company called C.A. Express is changing the transportation game in Guate. When I visited Jo a couple of years ago I remember taking a hot crowded shuttle in which I had to wait over an hour for it to fill up before we could leave and it stopped many times to let others off before I was able to get off. The only other option besides the shuttle at that point was an expensive private car that wasn’t guaranteed to have air conditioning. This bus is completely different as it runs on a tight schedule, the drivers are super friendly and safe, it has WIFI, air conditioning, snacks and beer for purchase, and power outlets at every seat! I also felt extremely comfortable riding with Sydney in her car seat. I cannot recommend them enough!

Sydney Moon aboard the  C.A. Express !

Sydney Moon aboard the C.A. Express!

Inside the  C.A. Express!

Inside the C.A. Express!

Fun decoration inside the  C.A. Express

Fun decoration inside the C.A. Express

While traveling with Sydney alone to a foreign country for the first time wasn’t exactly easy, it was all definitely worth it. The many hours that she spent screaming crying due to her one emerging tooth was worth it, carrying her for nearly 10 hours straight for the last couple of days was worth it…all of it made for an unforgettable journey. I look forward to many more!