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Morning Meditation Reminded Me Just How Hard It Is to Be a Beginner

by: Samantha Brodsky

“Casey Urban, a yoga teacher with 10 years of experience under her belt, told me over the phone that though she recommends beginners start with any form of meditation they're "actually going to do," whether that's in a classroom or online, morning meditation is best. It's when your mind is the most clear. "Don't look at your phone, don't have a long conversation with your partner, don't turn on the TV," she said. "I believe it helps the habit, too, if you just do it first thing in the morning no matter what."

Feature and Photo Story

By: Shay Spaniola

“Casey is a dear friend of mine. We were housemates in Austin years ago and had a blast together. Casey’s a yogi, flight attendant and body love positive advocate. We recently spent the day at Barton Springs to capture some photos for her new website, - ya’ll have to check her out!”

My Future Superpower: No Self-Judgment

By me from The Unpolished Journey Blog

When I was in an in-patient treatment center for Bulimia, my therapist would tell me, “Come on Casey, get off you’re own back!” Even today my partner tells me that I’m still too hard on myself. I guess I’ve just grown up that way. My parents are hardcore Texas ranchers (of the equestrian persuasion), and I became a Bikram yoga instructor at the age of 21. Bikram yoga is a 90 minute no bullshit militant yoga sequence done in 105-degree heat (40 degrees Celsius) taught with the notion that, “If you don’t suffer, you don’t get anything. Nothing is easy in life.”